31 January, 2006

Jamie member for who knows what rant

Well ladies and gentlemen I have been told by a certain few that I am not politically correct. I have to agree and anyway who wants to be politically correct all the time. It just means that you have to watch your p's and q's and that's just not me. I am a member of the freedom and independence movement my own I must add. To me freedom must be complete. After all isn't that what we go on and on about? You must be able to choose your own paths in life and if you choose the wrong one then you will have short comings. It sometimes seems that you are free to make your own choices. So long as it doesn't affect anyone else but that's what you do sometimes. Take me for instance the choices I have made through my life haven't been the ones most people would make but they have affected people around me. Often to their dismay. I sometimes wonder. Am I normal and sit on my sofa pondering this and of course the meaning of life. Which I now know is not 42. Another thing I ask myself is why we say life begins at forty? When in fact it started when we were born and why in the bible it says we should turn the other cheek. When we all know it bloody hurt the first time and there's no way in hell we will let it happen a second time.
oh and why do parents say if you do that again you'll know about it? When it's pretty obvious we already do. These are the sort of things that I sit pondering. Oh and why we elect MPs that don't really do what we want or need? Well I've ranted enough till the next one. Have fun in life and don't jump of any tall building as it's too far to fall and there's a good chance you might change your mind on the way down.

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