19 January, 2006

More mad thoughts

Every so often I hear something on the TV or radio and I think to myself what if. Take for instance the question of obesity they say 60% of this country is suffering from. I have thought of a great cure. What if we pass a law that says everybody that is over weight has to use a pogo stick for 30 minutes a day or has to go to work on one. Now that would be a site for sore eyes. Not to mention the fact that we'd have a healthy nation and no more congestion charge. Here's another, a lie detector for politicians who are known to embellish a bit with the truth. Now that would be something new wouldn't it. How about river dipping these yobs like they did in the old days with the witches. Some how I don't think they'd be yobs for long and how about hoodies who slap people for fun being slapped 3 times a day for a whole year. Just what the doctor ordered. Well that's the end of my mad ten minute sensibility has returned. One last one. How about making a prime minister from birth. Now that would be a designer baby.

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