24 January, 2006

The poverty trap

The question, what does being in the poverty trap really mean? It has sort of eluded some people as they go to work each day in the knowledge that at the end of each month they will get a wage that will see them through to the next one. The thing that I see as poverty is those that struggle from day to day making ends meet and quite often these are the people that are on benefits they often find their benefit only stretching for six days instead of seven and their are also families of three or four children who have to manage on beans on toast. So they can make ends meet. This is what I call poverty but even these are not the worst off. There are in this country many homeless people who through no fault of there own end up living on the street. Having to eat out. I myself was once one of those people. I used to make what little money I got last for five or six days and that was after I came off drugs.
If we have people no matter whether they are homeless, addicts or families that have to struggle to survive everyday then we do have a problem and this government instead of sorting this problem seem intent on creating a society of the haves and have nots. Yes many would like to get back to work but if you get a job that pays less than what you are getting on state benefits then what's the point. Families do have a system in bridging the wage gap ie: tax credits. Rent rebates, child benefit ect. For the single person there is hardly anything. So as poverty tightens it grip the endless circle one finds themselves in never seems to end.
This government and ones yet to come have a duty of care to its people that's why they were elected and will be elected and one of the issues should be to eradicate poverty on it's own doorstep.

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DaddyTango said...

Hi there Jamie
Jason McGuffie here i can not agree with you more mate as i have experienced this from both sides as i was homeless and on benefits and i have also been fortunate enough to pull myself out of that situation and in to work where i have stayed for some time now.
I managed to do this by taking part in business in the communities, business action on homelessness scheme. I did this up in Manchester and i managed to get a job with Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council. Do you have any similar schemes in the Greater London Area as some of the Businesses that are involved with Business Action On Homelessness such as MARSH, KPMG, BOLTON METROPOLITAN BOROUGH COUNCIL, FUJITSU, ASDA, MARKS AND SPENCER, SAINSBURYS and many more that i cant name as there are so many to mention.
I would like to say that it is not the end of the world if you are in that kind of possition but you can get out of it i did and yes it was a struggle but with good networked and compasionate help it will not be to hard for you to accomplish.
Me and you are living proof Jamie that you can do anything you want if you want it that bad. And i was in some bad states when i got my self sorted.
Keep Trying