16 January, 2006

Another trip to the dentist.

I thought the problems with my teeth were over after seeing the dentist last week but alas the pain returned with a vengeance. So this morning after looking in the mirror and thinking that the face in front of me was one of the muppets. I decided to go back to my dentist who I had so much trouble obtaining as NHS dentist seem to becoming a rare thing now days. Anyway he wouldn't see me as he put it I need to go the dental hospital if I needed urgent treatment as he couldn't give me any more treatment until my next appointment. So now I'm off to the dental hospital to see why my mouth is so swollen and why the teeth are painful. I am one of the lucky ones. There are so many that can't get a dentist that they have to stay in pain or their teeth just rot away. I am so glad I am not homeless anymore things are a little easier but not by much.

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