19 January, 2006

Another sleepless night and another rant.

It seems like this week is not my week at all. I have a bad tooth. Which has caused an infection in my mouth and has kept me awake now for days. This morning I got a bill once again for something I have never had or come to think of it never ordered and now my living room heater has decided to quit. So now I'm dressed up like an Eskimo in my dressing gown and pajamas at 4.30am. Too bloody early in the morning for anything else. All I need now is a bloody fishing pole and I would look a right muppet, besides all this I am listening to prime ministers question time on the parliament channel. For a few months now I have listened to all these politicians and I have come to the conclusion that to be a politician all you need is common sense an idea of what the people want and people appeal and if you appeal to the right people you might become a party leader. The other thing that I have realized is that I wouldn't make a good party leader because I am too blunt and I would be too honest. Lately I have been pondering the idea of a magazine like the big issue but everything written by homeless or people in temporary accommodation because I have been on both sides of that fence and I always thought that was the big issues grand scheme. Another thing that I am seeing are organizations now attempting to change the way they approach homelessness. I have been to a few meeting where they are saying, we all have the same goals so lets pool our resources. This can only be a good thing but it's the organizations that talk about getting people back in to the main frame of society and work. Yet they don't have anyone working in their organizations that has been through the ordeal of addiction or homelessness and come out the other side. Here's what I think. (I bet you knew I was going to say something.) Most charities depend on the generosity of the public to keep their charities afloat and simply cannot afford to employ that many people but the people they do employ are young and have enthusiasm and have a certain sympathy for the job. Plus all their university degrees. Yet the question I'm asking is what do they really know about being homeless or a drug addict or an alcoholic? I'm always hearing them say we can only imagine what it's like. We can only go on what we hear and what we have seen. Plus what we have learned on the job. The fact that a lot of homeless people or addicts don't trust these people because of their inexperience has large say in their lives as trust play a bigger part in helping people than people think. What I would like to see in the near future is instead of the government saying they will spend so much on helping the homeless off the streets by getting them into temporary accommodation. But by also funding projects while they are in temporary accommodation. Like helping ex-addicts, alcoholics and ex-homeless people back into work but in that sector of work. These are the people that know about homelessness, addiction from their own first hand experience and we need to start to cure the growing problem we have in this country. Not only would this country save money in the long run but by employing some of these people we might just learn something plus the fact that we would be preventing some people from becoming societies outcasts. Addiction and homelessness go hand in hand and that's a fact. Why waste all that real knowledge that has been gain first hand? Once an ex-addict or a ex-homeless person sees you can break out of the vicious circle and life can be better than what they have. We will see a true fall in the number of people suffering.
Oh by the way anyone want to employ a fifty three year old man who has never really had a steady job but good with a computer?

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