27 March, 2006

Another blinding thought

It's funny how a few days away from someone or something can really do you the world of good. Me, I haven't been near my computer for a few days, one because my broadband connection was still down and the second because I didn't want to. I needed a rest and did I get it? Did I hell. Firstly my girlfriend who was my old one but became my new one once again. Who by the way never stopped complaining, dumped me again with the words I am a selfish pig of a man and I might as well be in love with my computer as I think more of it than I do of her. Even though I hadn't touched it all weekend. So my unhappy mood today can be put down to this phenomena that seems to happen to me on a quarterly basis. I must be a glutton for punishment because she like that film called they always come back again. My life is better already. Which reminds me why I am blogging today. My history if it were read today would read reformed character done nothing special and I would have to agree but when you read history about this country it seems we all have done nothing special either. You may ask how come. Here's what I think. For years and years we have had this problem it's was called being rich and being poor and for years that's how it stayed then a clever few decided if we can't join them then we'll be the one's in the middle. Not rich but not poor. So they started to use the words middle class and then started the three class system and that's what we had for along time. Those that still had nothing were in fact forgotten till now. Now we have a fourth class of people and we call those the socially excluded. To become a member all you have to do is become homeless an addict, mentally disabled or physically or even be a little bit simple, not as smart as some or even lose everything you have. Throw in a little poverty and age and presto your a fully fledge member. The trouble is once you become a member it seems you can't get out of the membership. Too many clauses. In a world that we are all supposed to be equal. Doesn't it seem strange that we have what we call social classes? Everyday on our way to work we see people laying in shop door ways or at night in the heart of our cities we see them crowd around some charities soup van. Some are addicts some are just homeless, some are there because of the company. Like everything else in life if you do things long enough they become habits, part of your life and that's what's happened to these people that have unknowingly become members of the socially excluded. When I hear people say it'll never happen to me. When it can happen to anyone and often does. I sometimes just smile.

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