23 March, 2006

Not one surprise in the budget

When Gordon Brown sends an email saying he is doing this and that you can begin to worry. Especially when his budget has not given much to anyone. Prudent or not his last budget just proves that it was a get Labour in power one. If you look at the chancellors budget realistically he has taken away from pensioners. He has given back to the well off in many ways. He says that pensioners now get free travel but didn't they anyway? Education seems to be high on his list but there's nothing that says if you are one of the forgotten or one of the not so bright. Many of whom with help could become someone but he said nothing like I have ear marked 45 million so you can learn the basic for free or you will have to pay something if you a part time earner. Everything is family orientated and geared towards home owners but with many more people staying single and becoming disillusioned then it seems you will continue not to reap the benefits. This budget was one of the quietest on record there was not much reaction from anyone. It looks like we are in for another gloomy year and poverty to continue to strike the less fortunate. The struggle I suppose will continue until we all get a fare and proper budget. To be honest this was not one.

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Gentleman-hobbs said...

He is certainly giving himself a poison challis. I wonder how many of the 30 billion in assets will have to be rented back. The PFI debt that the new hospitals will be giving our children is a perfect example of this. In his obsession to use PFI as a way of avoiding public borrowing he has been very clever in meeting numerous golden rules and neccesitating the moving of fewer golden rules goal posts (seeing as we are all on the world cup bandwagon, sic).
The huge impetous given by the governments schemes have been the largest contributing factor to the growth of our enonomy over the last 2-3 years. Not only is this a dangerous statistical smoke screen it also saddles us with a lot of so far hidden future debt.