30 March, 2006


When I think of education I always think about the trouble I had getting into college because I was on the streets and a bit lost in a world I knew nothing about. It's normal for people to assume that because you are on the streets that you don't want to be educated but that's not quite true. although the main focus for someone that's homeless is survival. Some homeless people visit day centers to keep ahead on things like reading and writing, using a computer. art and so forth. Emailing has become one of the fastest growing forms of communication amongst the homeless because it's free and simple to use. When I think of all the courses I went on because I was in so much a rush to learn things. I have always said that learning to read and write was like having a brand new toy that you couldn't throw away and I still feel that way. Now I ask the questions like are there too many courses that really shouldn't be a courses for instance, underwear study a course someone's taking. Should it be a course at all. Knowledge is the fountain of youth so I have heard but some how it's eluding me.

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Country Cottage said...

Hi Jamie,

Whether or not knowledge is the fountain of youth, having it is an awful lot more important than not having it.