17 March, 2006

Birthday boy

Yesterday was my birthday and I just wanted to thank all the people that sent me happy birthday messages. Now it's back to normal and I'm thinking about things again. One thing that keeps on popping into my mind is why on earth when I am on the tube or bus don't people talk to each other? Last night when I was out with friends I asked about this and the answer I got was not so shocking. I believe the art to a society getting along together is surely by conversing with each other? Not just friend but with different people. Before we had TV's and radios, we had to talk to each other even if it was only to say good morning as you passed by someone but we seem to have lost that art. So is the art of conversation dead as a dodo or do we need to be encouraged to talk to each other. My opinion is that if you wake up in a dreadful mood and get on the bus or tube and saying nothing to no one then you start work in the same vein and it will probably be a whole bad day but imagine having a conversation with someone sitting next to you and they make you smile that could just be the thing that makes the day a pleasant one. Well, it's just a thought

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