04 March, 2006

Drug dealers target vulnerable

Drug dealing from flats and houses. One of the most common things you see if you live in tower blocks or on a run down estates. No one ever really asks who lives there or who's house was it? People are to scared to. Drugs are the get rich quick schemes for people who don't want to work for a living. The easy life some would call it. More and more dealers get caught dealing in plain sight like on the street corners or outside the local shop. So what better way than to promise an addict a better supply. Free drugs or free booze if they can use their flats to deal from. It's all the incentive they need to get their foot into someone's door. Once in there they take over. The tenant doesn't have any choice because of violence or physical abuse. Their home becomes a den for addicts and dealers but it doesn't only affect the tenant it affect everybody around them as the place becomes more widely known among the drug community and the volume of people coming and going increases. Fights and arguments start to increase. Robbery and violence starts to increase. People start to be afraid to even go out on to the street. They turns what was probably once a half decent estate into a drug addicts paradise. You may think this is a rare thing but it's not. Its one of the most common occurrences on estates all around the country. I've had it in my tiny block of flats not so long back. It took the police months to get them out and all they did was move into a flat up stairs. And that took more time to get them out. Then they moved into flats just down the street. I live in and near blocks of flats that has a lot of vulnerable people and they are easy marks for drug dealers who need places to deal from. You maybe have a crack den near you. The man who used to live there has probably left because he had no choice. Victoria, a housewife who lives on the old Kent road has phoned the police hot line so often she's thinking of having a bed installed in her phone box as nothing has been done in the nine months she has been phoning. Dealing drugs is a business. They don't take the drugs they sell. All they do is cause misery and I believe if we are to defeat them. Then we have to find some how of taking away the profit from drugs. It's the only way that I can see working. If there's no profit there's no business and it's one way of getting this country on the right road. The other thing is, most drug users are victims and should not be seen as outcasts of society. It is one sure way of society saying it's all your own fault and we as a society are saying you made your bed now you must lie in it. Things shouldn't be like this. Most people who I have spoken to always say to me. Why should we as tax payers fork out because of their inadequacies? Well that's the point I tell them because we are supposed to be a caring society where all are treated fairly then it's what we must do and to save someone wasting their life to me is more important than any amount of money.

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