28 March, 2006

Twice as much to learn

This government seem to be doing things back to front as they try to take a giant step in the right direction they always seem to get things wrong like this double charge for night classes to fund low paid workers. 47% of the people that attend night school are actually low paid workers or single parents in the first place. They are there trying to get ahead in life by learning more. Now it's going to cost them twice as much. Where do they get this thing that it's the middle class that use these courses to better themselves is strange as I was under the opinion that it was the government that advocated extra schooling but stranger still is this government commitment to education but only if it's on the cheap. This move will affect not only those that can only just about afford to pay the fee but it will affect all who want to learn. The right to education should be there for everyone no matter what social standing but to make everyone pay double is ridiculous and not fair. Once again here's my opinion if at school you leave not being able to read and write then something must have been wrong with the learning system. For someone to slip through the learning net today I have heard it is a bit tougher but there are still people that do. Which means the system failed them. Some see night school as a way of making up what they have lost but as this government seeks ways of getting things on the cheap many things are now beginning to suffer and high on the list are housing, education, when are we going to say enough is enough you promised better but have failed to deliver.

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Martyn said...

I think this is a really regressive measure, likewise with the tightening of the financial grip on libraries across the country.I'm sure Nye Bevan and Jenny Lee are spinning in their graves.