21 March, 2006

It always happens to me

Things have conspired against me. I have been vandalized again. Now I'm going to housing association to tell them I want a move. The police have just been and the broken windows have been replaced but I have had enough. We know it's the people in the crack house in the flats opposite but we can't prove it and nothing seems to be being done about moving them out.
So far in this area this year, we have had two mugging, one rape and a spate of burglaries and it's only March. I so f---ing mad. I'm feeling so f---ing frustrated. I've listened to most of the debates on law and order but I have yet to hear anything that would inspire people to come forward and do what the government want and that is help clear up the crime on estates. Fear is one stumbling block and because there is not a tough enough deterrent at the moment crime pays. Why because if you get caught you go to prison and in some cases prison is short holiday not the deterrent. All these people that say the punishment is loss of liberty but shouldn't we now be looking at making life tough in prison rather than saying, just lock them away. This is the 5th time in the four years I have been here that something has happened when I have gone out for a night. I guess, I'm just mad that it's happened to me again.

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