08 March, 2006

Just having a bit of fun

Well, I thought for a change I'd have a bit of fun and tell you a story about some aliens that came from the planet Prime M. A planet by the way that has only been discovered in the last ten years and which we now know to have human life on. Plus we know through our intelligence network that the human inhabitants are trained as world leaders and the rejects are sent all over the universe and this is the reason I feel I must tell the nation this story as I feel this maybe the reason I can not sleep at night.
Anyway one night in 1997 a strange craft which had strange New Labour banners and stickers all over it was seen to fly over the houses of parliament. It hovered for what some people might say was an eternity but was in fact only a few minutes but in that few minutes a strange beam of light was focused on the houses of parliament. Then the strange craft was gone just a quickly as it appeared. This was thought to be some publicity stunt dreamed up by PR men.
Later that same night the country had gotten itself a new prime minister. It was thought by several people and security guards that they saw the new prime ministers appearance seem to change as he stepped up on the podium to give his winners speech. Was this in fact when the real Mr Blair disappeared and the alien imposter appeared?
My conclusions and investigations lead me to believe that the prime minister is really an alien imposter from the planet Prime M and his strange allegiance to the American president leads me to believe that he is also an alien imposter sent to mislead the people. Several eerie things lead me to my conclusions. One is that don't you think it funny that homeless people have been given the vote even though they are socially excluded and now are being taken off the streets and put into these hostels and never to be heard from again and the fact that the American president makes so many mistakes and looks lost when he's asked so many questions he can't answer. Just like our prime minister. Then there's the gestures they both make which only seem to be understood by their followers. Are we being slowly brainwashed into believing that all is well with our national services like health and education or are there some other answers we may find if we dig deep enough? Don't you think it strange that these are the leaders of their countries and they are alien to the real needs of it's people? Well, I'll leave you to draw you're own conclusions.

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David C said...

Well that certainly explains Boris Johnson