30 March, 2006

Another day and people agreeing with me

I never once stopped to think about things and how my life has become so shaped. I just thought that I'd wasted so much of my life that everything I do now that is right for me, is a bonus. When I have said something it does seem strange that people have sat up and taken notice and all the emails( 74 today) people have sent me over the last year to say what a good read my blog is and that at last someone has a voice and is willing to use it does say quite a lot to me. Where government seems to fail. It does seem when people get together and focus on a subject they can actually do some good.
I am making plans for the next year for a bigger better blog maybe even a proper web site with guest writers. Cartoons and so on. So who knows what's in store for jamiesbigvoice but to make this a better year just keep on reading. By the way it's when you make comments that my blog works well.

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