30 March, 2006

Old and means tested

Getting old, we all have to do it but today we still do not give old people the services they should get for Free. Most pensioners have worked all their adult life and it's such a shame our society doesn't reflect this. We talk the talk but we actually don't do much about it. Now a government adviser has said what we have been saying for years. That pensioners should have minimum level of state-funded social care and means testing should end. Although the report did stop short of saying the word free. We are always saying that pensioners should be treated with respect but are we? When we don't see them as people, just pensioners.
I dread getting old but I dread even more the hassle I would have to go through to get a decent way of living in an old peoples home. Back to the present though I just wondered what had change for pensioners this year that they had to lose the two hundred pound bonus and if you think about it. It was what kept some pensioners afloat last year. Nothing changed this year from what I can see. Oh yes silly me there's no election this year so the next give away is in four years. Oh and gas and electric prices have gone up. so it's going to cost more. Well how's that for a change?

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