09 March, 2006

It's the same old thing

I am now always listening to the radio or watching politics on TV and just lately I am finding it more and more tedious. Politicians argue about the same things over and over again. Take the law and order bill. I hate to tell them it's in effect. So why not see if things work before making amendments. It just gets me so confused one minute and doubly confused the next. Lets say you're allowed smoke but its illegal to throw you cigarette end away in an ash tray in the street ( just made that up by the way) but if you can see the point that I am trying my best to make. It's not that we know it's not right. It's that we have this thing about stopping smoking and this might be a way of gently making them stop but we don't give things a chance to see if they works. We start making amendments soon after. I have my own feelings on smoking and that is how can a government force anyone to pay tax on something that they know will eventually kill you? I smoke and I am really trying to stop. But things in the houses of parliament are a bit slow at the present by the look at the amount of people that are attending these discussions and when the house is full I'm getting bored with the same old questions and answers. I am a bit miffed that we have a rising homeless population again and it's not even been mentioned. It does seem that once again the subject on homelessness is taboo. The number of homeless people and people in temporary accommodation always has differed from the governments but you can't massage what you see day in day out. When will we known just how bad homelessness really is? We will we stop hiding the fact we do have a problem and if not dealt with now. It will only get worse.

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