06 March, 2006

Hopes and dreams

The funny thing about me and my life is that I now have hopes and dreams I want to fulfill before my demise and that got me to thinking just how many people like myself who have been lost in the world of drugs and drink and the never ending cycle of homelessness had hopes and dreams which have never come to anything because of the situation they have found themselves in. John a twenty eight year old, an addict for eight years. Gail a alcoholic since God knows when as she says. Both had hopes and dreams. Gail wanted to be a nursery school teacher, to be married and have children. She even started college but never finished and has had several failed relationships. John was a sales assistant who wanted his own business.
There are so many with lost hopes and dreams and there are some who think it's to late to realize them. Well I'm here to tell them it's never to late for anything unless you're covered by soil. Change is the hardest thing to do in anyone's life even for people without problems but we all must do it. It's a bit like being the slug that turns into a butterfly it takes a while to shed the old skin but when it does it shows its true colours. Well that's how I see myself now. Good things are just around the corner all you have to do is look.

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