20 March, 2006

Common sense

When I listen to MPs I expect to hear them talk plain and simply and what makes no sense to me is all the long winded jargon they use. Me I say what I mean although sometimes I do ramble on a bit but to word things that only they can understand seems a bit weird to me. Common sense tells me if I want people to understand what I'm saying then I have to talk in plain English. I have been trying to make sense of what they call white papers on homelessness and vagrancy ect and although I get the gist I find it hard to pin point what the law is. It seems there are so many applications to think about that once again dumb old me is confused as per usual.

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womble said...

Perhaps you could embark upon a second campaign? "Jamie's Voice for Plain English"? It's a good idea. I spend a lot of time reading things like white papers and stuff for my work. You're right, they're not very friendly for the man in the street who might want to exercise his right to make a comment and get involved in the government's decision-making process.

Try seeing if there are any plain English versions or summaries of the documents. Sometimes they *are* produced!

Keep up the good work.