06 March, 2006

Homelessness, drugs and drink

I have just read I think you would a manuscript for a book called Homelessness challenge your preconceptions by Anthony Morgan and Alan Ferguson. I know Anthony from the crisis office as he used to volunteer there. As soon as I opened the book the words, there is no social issue that reflects a greater compound failure of governmental policy than homelessness, really do stand out. Even though this government have done something about street homelessness. We now have the same number
in temporary accommodation and now a growing street problem again.
When I listen to parliamentary debates on the TV. I never hear about homelessness or what's being done for the 400,000 that have now become the hidden homeless. I am beginning to believe it's a sort of taboo subject and that really does irate the hell out of me. Especially now we have the right to vote. Why give us the vote if you're not going to do something worth while for us instead of leaving us in limbo with all these promises.
I'm quite a simple man and I can understand a lot of things that are said in parliament and all I see and hear are MPs trying to constantly argue the use of asbos or the new powers on terrorism or the best one yet school being funded oops I mean sponsored by industry. Now that's a good one. It is getting quite boring. asbos are here now. So let them be used but not to victimize homeless people with.
The thought of sleeping in a shop doorway and being woken up and some police officer saying it's an offence to sleep here in the town center I find ridiculous. Firstly I know that by sleeping in the town center I will be reasonably safe. Secondly outside town centers there's not much shelter and thirdly I am not causing anyone any harm just by sleeping there. So I want to clarify a few things with a few MPs if they will see me? As I read on I read about drugs and whether or not it is a cause of homelessness. I think it becomes an issue when the target of drug dealers are the homeless and vulnerable. I do believe in most cases that addicts become addicts when they are homeless for sometime. As drugs are now more widely available all over Britain. The idea of this government is to say right we know drug users commit most of the offences against the public to get drugs. So we'll give them the choice clean up or else prison and we know that sending someone to prison or forcing them into rehab isn't the answer because so many fail after getting themselves clean. So move answers are needed. As I read more and more maybe I will be able to shed light on things by giving you a look at drugs and their consequences to real lives

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