08 March, 2006

Prime ministers question time

Well, what a time the prime minister was having answering questions on the health service. My own opinion was that if he was getting rid of people then it wasn't working and I think the conservatives had the right to question him on this but as he came back with the answer on how much money was actually being put into the health service. This was all well and good if it was working but we all know it's not. Like many schemes the government has come up they are not working and it's mainly due to management and targeting. This coming from a some dumb smuck like me. How can you put money into something that is falling apart if not enough is being put in and then expect people to run it like a business? We have a health service that is crumbling around us and things are just going from bad to worse. While we would applaud a government that is trying. We can't applaud a government that is being wasteful with tax payers money. We need a new health intuitive. A way of still giving needy people a health service. I believe the system we have at present is out dated and needs to be completely overhauled. It's that simple. Why waste money? Labour are pretty good at new deals lets see what they can do to put the health service in the black. The same goes for our schools and education. They've had eight years to do it and they have been given another four. Will they waste it again?

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