12 June, 2006

Another good day for some

When I woke up on Sunday morning I thought to myself God what a day to be stuck in doors. So I made haste and started to make my flat look a bit more livable. Whilst dancing around my living room with my vacuum cleaner to the tunes of the eighties I heard that there was going to be a demo at New Scotland yard so I became the quickest house cleaner in the world. I must have set a world record for washing up, bed making and cleaning because in no time I found myself at New Scotland Yard with hundreds of protesters. It was people protesting against the polices rough house tactics of Muslims. The row over the two people arrested for terrorist offences seems to have affected quite a lot of people especially the Muslim section of this country and to be truthful I actually agree with them. My argument would be that we have already been misled over weapons of mass destruction and it seems that the same thing is once again happening but on a more public scale and if we continue to target all Muslims, some of who were born in this country. We only strengthen the terrorists hand. The police say that they had no choice but to act upon the information receive and I agree but was it necessary to go in but to go in the way they did with one man getting shot says it was an over reaction. Something is not sitting quite right about this whole thing as I believe it was first stated that it was the brother that shot first and I have heard no mention of weapons of any kind being found.

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