15 June, 2006

It’s not fair.

As socially excluded people become more and more excluded from everyday life. What better way to show it than to have a meeting. It seems the cry of it’s not fair is becoming louder and louder as welfare reforms and benefit reforms could cripple the most vulnerable in our society. I was invited an impromptu meeting in Bristol yesterday that discussed some of the government proposals. It was hosted by some homeless people and members of the public. I was shocked by the number of people that would be affected. When I mentioned that 60% of people that are now on benefit would struggle to meet their weekly out goings and homelessness would become more of a problem everyone looked at me as if I’d gone mad. The question, why would homelessness rise was asked, so I told them of the problems and why some people became homeless. This was a nerve racking experience. I have talked to loads of people in one place before but these where ordinary working class people. Some of them I considered much more intelligent than myself. What a shame no MPs came but this was a meeting of the people but it gave me an idea. If homeless people and ordinary people can come together in Bristol to talk about what is happening and how this government is short on ideas and on its last legs. Why not London and Manchester or even Birmingham and Leeds? Maybe this is the way to tell the government to wake up and smell the coffee.

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