25 June, 2006

Book info

Many of you want to know about my poetry book from the emails I am getting, so here goes. My book is plain and simple poetry about life and I have tried to keep it real. But I have also included a few of my old ones which are my favorites. I write what I see and think. Sometimes there's are only substance and no rhythm and sometimes the opposite because I believe everyone has some form of poetry in them and it doesn't need to have strick giude lines. My book which I have made and printed myself costs just £3.50. Which will go towards paying for my phone and internet charges so i can keep blogging and if I sell enough I can also give some money back to crisis because when I stopped using drugs they were always there for me. So buy my book. Please send a £3.50 cheque or postal order plus a first class stamp to
Jamie McCoy
C/o crisis
66 commercial street
London E1 6LT
Please give it at least seven days for delivery. If you live outside UK please give it ten days. To all of you that buy my book thank you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

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