22 June, 2006

Oh boy

It seems that I am not having a very good month this month as last night I nearly burned down my flat. We have this new electronic key thingy and when I put the potatoes on last night
I must have left it by the ring on the stove I thought while the potatoes were cooking I could have a quick bath. Low and behold smoke filled the flat and my next door neighbor was knocking on my window. I should be pleased that no damage was done but it's going to cost me ten pounds for new key fobs but that was then this is now. Another day another dollar. Well, what can I say about things in this country? Would you say we are going through some sort of depression or something. I mean we have a government that keeps coming up with ways to get more of our money and now and again come up with a crazy idea. Is this New Labour running out of ideas or they saying we have had three terms in office now we need a rest? The question is are things any better under Labour than they were under the Conservatives. We hear Tony Blair saying we have invested more in the NHS and education but the facts say that the NHS is financial trouble. Education is now at it's lowest point and still under funded and homelessness is still there for all to see but under a different guise called hostels. So are things any better really?People still have less in their pocket today than did ten years ago. Houses still are not being built for rent by councils because of lack of funding and the ordinary man in the street feels that he might be mugged any time. What's the point he says the only thing I have gained in the last ten years is age.

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