28 June, 2006

As per usual I was just thinking how lucky some of us really are because I know tonight I have some food and a bed. In some countries they don't have that luxury. In this country it seems to be that a certain amount of homelessness is an acceptable thing but is it? Shouldn't everyone no matter what have the right to live somewhere that's safe and warm I meet these MPs that want to change the system so that everyone has the right to a roof over their head. It just seems to me that listening is not enough and while we use the same methods of trying to cure this problem over and over again. It will just not work. Governments are fond of rehashing scheme's and now they are planning to reform welfare I see a huge rise in people becoming homeless because socially excluded people are not in any plans a government makes. The fact that homeless charities ect: exist is testament to that . Now the government are relying on charities more and more and I wonder is this the right way forward? Why since the 60s have we still got so much of a problem and why do we still have to have people lobby MPs to say look this is still the problem? Funny but I always thought one voice could not make a difference but now I think many voices saying the same thing works really well

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