15 June, 2006

It’s happened again.

It seems I can’t leave my flat without something bad happening. I have been in my flat now for just over three years and in that time I have had three burglaries now I have had the fourth. When I got home last night I found my front windows open and inside was such a mess that I just sat down and cried like a baby. Everything I have worked so hard to get has gone and the worst part is I have no insurance anymore. I spent hours tidying up the place but it no longer feels like home. The police say this is just another in the spate of burglaries that has occurred in this area. I just can’t believe it. What does it take to stop this happening to people? I have now had to put long screws in my windows. This makes it feel more like a prison than a home. People will say life goes on but when it keeps on happening, what do you do? Keep on moving address? I don’t think so. Last night I just wanted to give it all in and go back on the streets because I just couldn’t understand why and why me all the time but this morning I’m feeling better and I am determined that it will not get the best of me. So I start all over again and try to replace the things that have gone. I have to admit this has me rather down and feeling out.

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