15 June, 2006

Making sense

When you get a think tank thinking it should be a good thing but when you get a government of individuals thinking it seems to me that they do come up with the dumbest plans of the century. The newest idea is to see if they can let councils charge for excess waste. When it should be already covered by council tax. Funny I know but what else can I say? It's another round about way of getting people to help pay for what the government don't give the councils. No wonder we are in such a mess. Don't they know the idea will not be welcome no matter what and the idea that we don't pay enough in council tax at the moment I think is insulting. I struggle to pay my bills and I am on benefit and if I had to pay more then I would find myself going without the needed things. So would most people. I am beginning to think that sense and sensibility are two different things altogether if you know what I mean. Maybe it's me that has this straight forward look on things or maybe I need to become a politician. Can you imagine me as a politician? One of the things that I have looked at very closely is tax and surely if we are falling short on things then the simplest way to correct it is 1p on the basic rate of tax because it can always be altered again at a later date. The fact that this government said that people will have more money in their pocket is proving to be untrue. As many of you know one way or another this government have succeeded in back door taxes and yet we are still falling short on the NHS and education even after higher spending. They say higher taxes would be a vote loser but I think it would be the right way to go and I believe that this way we would actually have more in our pockets eventually dispite what the government say..

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Garmon said...

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