05 June, 2006

It’s me or that bloody computer

It’s about time I got to write about something on Jamie’s blog as it seems he has written about me on more than one occasion in the past. So while he’s asleep I think I will. Firstly let me say I am not the nagging female he has led people to believe and I do not moan and groan. Well, not all the time and although I admit I do have some faults but they are not as bad as Jamie makes out but doesn’t everybody? Jamie does and there are many. Here’s, one you probably don’t know about he picks his nose just before going out to make sure there are no hangers on. That’s his excuse.
What I love about Jamie is his attitude towards things. It never ceases to amaze me but sometimes I think he puts a little too much into what he’s doing and yes he does sometimes forget that I am around when he’s at his computer. This by the way seems to be seven days a week and at least eight hours a day that's why we keep spliting up. So this week I put my foot down and gave him an ultimatum, me or that bloody computer. To my surprise he switched it off and hasn’t touched it for a week. Although I know he wanted to write something he has resisted. So if you have missed what he has to say? You can blame me.
I have wanted to write something for ages but Jamie wouldn’t let me but he’s asleep right now and I’m taking my chance while I can, anyway he says he wants guest bloggers or whatever you call them to write at least once a week. So I am going to be the first as long as he doesn’t delete it.
I agree with him on most things but there is one thing we constantly disagree on and that is the cause of poverty and homelessness because I believe that both go together in most cases but Jamie believes these are two separate issues although as he puts it they do eventually connect. Jamie has this way of making sense when he’s talking to you and sometimes I feel a little lost but when I look at him and think about the kind of life he has led. I am amazed that he has made it this far and how smart he really is. It just proves what he's been trying to say for a year now. That by giving people real help and a real chance to change does work. My own feelings are, it shouldn't matter what it cost at this moment in time because everyone is someones son or daughter and by trying to change things now will only help keep down the costs in the future. As you have probably guessed by now I am the long suffering girlfriend Suzanne

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