08 June, 2006

Just thinking once again

I was just thinking about the world and things that are going on around me and how sad it is to hear about people drifting from one place to another with no end insight. Just because they lack the skills to cope. Nobody really knowing what is happening to them or what’s going on in their lives because every person has a different reason for being where they are. I was listening to a conversation and someone said that if you’re clever and use the noggin, you won’t make the mistakes that have led some people to take drugs and drink or become homeless. This is really a load of rubbish because even rich people go off the rails. Tomorrow is the crisis square mile run. I used to think it was just about raising money for crisis and its crazy plans. Which by the way are no longer crazy. I have realised it’s about a lot more. I think it’s more about people than charity. It about showing that people do care. That by helping when and where they can it does make a difference. So all that take part good luck and have fun. I will be there taking photos for my blog and asking questions.

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womble said...

Jamie, I missed you yet again!!!