06 June, 2006


a Conservative MP want home owners to be able to use tazers to protect their homes and family. The fact that people say the law favors the criminal would support this but I would think this a dangerous move by any government body to make law, as the climate of violence we are seeing today would only allow tazers to be used by criminals and yobs. Imagine a new craze that sweeps across the country where tazers are being used like happy slapping. Personally I think it is a bad idea because we have this thing called the use of force and in many cases if more than one burglar were caught in the act you could only shock one of them at a time and it could still lead to the violence you were trying to stop in fact it maybe even worse. The feeling that criminals get a smooth ride in prison could be a factor. I asked a passer by while I was waiting for a bus this morning what he thought of prisoners and prisons. They get more than one meal a day I have to struggle to just one and I am lucky if I get that also I don't see why they don't make prison life a little more intolerable. Such as taking away TV's after all prison isn't meant to be a holiday. They are meant to teach criminals not to be criminals something we are not doing in this day and age. This is food for thought.

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