21 June, 2006

Just thinking out loud

I was thinking out loud could bloggers be accused of being just another tabloid press? After all it all goes in black and white. When it comes to political blogs and blogging how far would the blogger go in getting his or her party into the limelight. We have MPs accusing one another of tabloid sensationalism and scare mongering but what if bloggers gave the real story on politics or gave you the real low down on who bonking who. I see bloggers getting the value story with no edits. Now that's what I call sensationalism but who knows how far blogging can go? Will it replace newspapers who knows? All I know is most blogs are a dam good read. Would it be good to hear the prime minister was drunk last night and was seen emptying his bladder at around ten thirty last night outside 10 downing street. An off duty policeman passing by saw this and issued an on the spot fine. Now that's a story

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