23 June, 2006

Yesterdays meeting in portculis house opposite the houses of parliament. I thought went well. Just before the meeting it was spot the famous politician for a little while as we got there early. I spoke about most things homeless people feel and how some people become homeless, then get themselves addicted to drink and drugs. The fact that once you do bothers me as there's no light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Also that some people who are trying go from hostel to hostel and some are just left in them until they get a place which could take some years. So when people say to me what's the solution. I have many. There is one idea I have always had because of the cost of keeping some one in a hostel. Some of the costs are sky high and because of this I have always had this thing going round in my head a long the lines of getting people into the community and instead of long term hostels or building these massive and expensive super hostels which we know sooner or later will be over crowded, lets take another approach do up these flats that nobody wants put homeless people into them that have a chance but also attach a homeless worker to their case so they can be vistited on a regular basis. Because when you're in a hostel nothing really does change that much. You're still homeless just because you are in temporary accommodation doesn't mean it ends there. The other thing I have always said is we need more people working in the homeless sector who have been through the mill because the idea of talking to someone who hasn't a clue is really off putting to someone who desperately wants to change.
I could write about this all day and put loads of ideas in to the mix as well but I wont as I have another meeting short

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alyceclover said...

Glad you didn't burn the flat down! Money, money, money. It has to come from somewhere, and over here in the USA, it seems most taxpayers resent giving money to help those "dirty, shiftless, lazy, drunk/druggie, thieves" who don't want to work, blah, blah, blah. Of course, among the Elected officals that receive an above average salary (and perks) there are thieves, druggies, alcoholics, and I suspect, the desire not to work, is what draws them to politics in the first place.

I was saddened at a forum, when I posed a question, shouldn't everyone born have a right to shelter. The answer was NO, they have to earn shelter. That to me is the same as saying people need to earn the right to breathe air, and every other basic human need. The man, was replying on the assumption, that homeless people have never worked to put a roof over their heads, paying taxexs and such.

Hard to deal with other people, when it seems, life is about selfishness & greed, not love.