29 June, 2006

What's going on

Everyday I listen to the radio or watch TV. I hear what the government are trying to do and it's this word trying that really bugs me. After nine years in office shouldn't we now be seeing some kind of reward from all the governments schemes. I think quite a few have been executed since 1997 how many have worked well that's another story. I was just wondering how many new deals have be adopted by this government and how many people are better off. Me, I'm lucky. I was once homeless and illiterate. Now I have a home and I can read and write better than most. It wasn't the government that got me off the streets and in to education and that really does bug me because when this government were elected they were supposed to be the caring ones. Even when they got into office this time. They said there where many things they would do for the socially excluded and although they have taken people off the streets they are stuck in temporary accommodation on a semi permanent basis as there is no where else for them to go and some of these people don't have drug and alcohol problems. It costs more to keep someone in a hostel than their own place I think it costs about the same to keep someone in prison and to be truthful there not a lot of difference only that in some hostels you are allowed out. Now I have said my piece I can relax and watch a bit of tennis shame about Tim.

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