12 June, 2006

One more thought for the day

We all know it's the world cup and a host of nations are competing but wouldn't it be good to see the friendly banter on the terraces happen everyday in our own countries. It seems so strange that once we are away from either music concerts, the theater or even football matches that some of us revert to our normal everyday routine of being violent, unfriendly, sometimes obnoxious and racist. Although there is a certain amount of racsim in football. Why should it be in everyday life? Wouldn't it be great to be able to get a long with people from all nations no matter what? I have to be honest and admit that I was once blind to other peoples colour and had the misconception that to be a true English man you had to be white, speak the queens English and be born here. I believe that's racism. Now I am more tolerant to other people as I see a more multi cultural nation. Some might think me a wishful thinker and dreamer but when I see that people can get along just fine. It becomes more and more strange that for some reason, we just do not. Is this some inbred thing all humans have or is it our strange way of coping with what we perceive as unusual. Funny but as I grow older and not much wiser I think of more and more reasons for people to get along. Why not make the world a friendlier place? It beats getting killed.

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