08 June, 2006

Lesser people

I was thinking about how homeless people feel sometimes and came up with this

Alone am I.
Am I a lesser man?
Sometimes I think I am
I am on the streets
Living life but rough
No hope of change
Well, not real soon
This is for now is my normality
I'd like to know
Who stole my dreams?
Who stole the silver from my moon?

Am I normal?
Am I just a girl?
Sometimes I think I'm not
No home
No bed
No where to rest my head
I've only hopes and dreams of what could be
For me right now.
Nothing is my reality.

Are we here or there?
Is this our normal permanent world?
Have our futures been preordained
Or are we a little kind of strange
Not meant to be.
Are we not meant to see
Sunlight in our eyes
The moon and stars to wish upon
Can someone truly say?
Our futures changed today

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