24 June, 2005

Co-founder dies at 67

William Shearman co-founder of the charity crisis. A charity for the homeless. Died at the age of 67. I have spent the last twelve hours thinking of something to say about a man I had never met, but that has helped me and an awful lot of people like me over the years because he and a few friends got together to try and solve one of our countries saddest problems, homelessness. If it wasn't for this man I wouldn't be where I am today. The thing that this man did was to raise awareness and raise money for homeless People. He also started a sponored walk. So homeless people could have a Christmas dinner. The walk still goes on every year. Since those early days when just a handful of people got together crisis has grown into a charity that believes the best way to help is to give people the power to change.
I am sure if he is looking down on some of us now and again he will smile along with us as he sees the flame of hope that had almost died, once again burn bright. Some former homeless people who have gone on to better things in life and some that are still trying to make the change in thier lives and are trying to live life to it's fullest. I am sure just wish to say thank you.

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