22 June, 2005

I was just thinking to myself about the power of TV and radio and the effect it really has on today's society. If you look at it logically without it prime ministers wouldn't get elected by the majorities they do. Charities wouldn't be able to appeal to the mass of people it does. You wouldn't know about a washing powder that removes all stains, unless you tried everything in the shops. By advertising it. It makes people aware.
What I was thinking was, we see these adverts of a youth begging with a blanket, we see the old man in his not so clean shirt and tattered suit. Yes these pictures do make people become aware that we have problems concerning homelessness. To be honest some of the pictures I have seen are so sad that it makes you want to put your hand in your pocket but that is what I would call a knee jerk reaction. I was wondering what people would do if they saw both sides of the coin so to speak. If you give them the picture of the man in the tatty clothes would they like to know he was a once business man or reporter. Wouldn't they like to see that here is a man who just needs a chance to become normal again. Wouldn't they like to see the end result of their donations. We see it when we are asked to donate for most famine appeals. On my walk about in the westend yesterday. one member of the public said I would really like to see what these homeless charities do.

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