09 June, 2005

Law and Order 2

We make laws to protect our possessions, homes and one another. When you are living on the streets you don't have a home and the only possessions you own are what you can carry and you only have to worry about yourself but when the weekend hoodies go out on a drinking binge and feel that it might be fun to abuse and assault a homeless person. This to me is just not right. Most homeless people do not report this sort of crime because they feel they will not be treated fairly besides who is going to believe them. When you get someone who has a good job and his friends alibi him. What is the real chance of a homeless person actually getting justice? The new powers for a designated drinking disorder zone. Which is being pursued in the law and order bill doesn't go anywhere near enough to curb the social problems we have. A homeless man said if that's all we are going to get then I will have to sleep with both eyes open. "What about us?" he said, we are the people more likely to be assaulted than members of the general public.
As you can gather once again the protection of the homeless doesn't rate very high. No wonder the homeless don't trust government. It's content making laws for the majority but when it comes to protecting the minority it fails as usual. The governments usual answer to this problem is we make and pass laws for everyone and they should apply to all. But do they? From my own experiences they do not.
I would like to know why asbo's are being used to clear rough sleepers off the streets? When an asbo is issued it is supposed to be for anti social behavior. Since when has having no home been anti social behavior. More and more homeless people seem to fall foul of this law than anything else. A man who is an alcoholic said I was arrested for being drunk. Yet a man who was far worse than me, who came out of a pub with a glass of beer staggering about was only talked to and let go. Where was the equality in that.
If you go down to the Old Bailey you will see the statue of a lady with the scales of justice. She also is wearing a blind fold to signify that justice has no barriers. It's not supposed to matter whether you are rich or poor, homeless or housed, black or white. Justice applies to all. It should do, but as we all know sometimes it doesn't

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Postman said...

goto www.big-bro.blogspot.com for more info than you ever wanted about Anti Social behaviour, CCTV , Dispersal orders, Alcohol Control Zones especially relating to Rochdale.

Catch it now before it gets an ASBO - local Councillor James gartside (Conservative) wants it pulled off the air.

NB Rochdale recently somersaulted and the Council is run by a Labour / Con merger - the first in History, unseating the LIberals who returned a Liberal Dem MP unseating Blair Babe Fitzsimmons at the election.

fascinating stuff.