15 June, 2005

The Way We Are

I was just thinking after reading about red meat and how it can be connected to cancer. How sanitised, we as a society are becoming. We look for germs in our food,home. Nearly everything. I know we live longer but, it seems to me the way we are going we will try to rid ourselves of any kind of germs at any cost. In the old days not so long ago. We ate red meat as if it was going out of fashion . We didn't worry about if it was on the bone or not. We now test our foods for everything. It's a bit like having a food taster that doesn't actually taste the food if you know what I mean. It was thought by some scientists that if you kill all the germs that breed in the human body or around you. Your immune system becomes less effective. I do try to be serious on some subjects, but I actually find it sad that we live in a world where people are starving and food that could save a life we throw away daily because either our laws say we can't eat it or some European law says we cannot give it away. I always thought that life was sacred. To prolong any life for how ever long cannot be a bad thing. The fact that red meat can be linked to cancer does not stop people eating red meat. Just like smoking. I'd also like to point out that being former homeless person I have had sandwiches sometimes two or three days old and it's never affected me.( some people would say different.) Another thing that does not make much sense to me is, we have this health thing but, lets just say your posh, a nose in the air kind of person. You'll eat pheasant that has to be hung up for a couple of weeks. God, how revolting is that? Yet if your posh you'll pay good money to eat it. Sorry but today I'm picking on posh people, but as I said it is just the way we are. If anyone disagrees? Let me know especially if your a vegetarian. Maybe we can chat over a carrot juice?

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Gixer77 said...

I'm so sick of these daily news reports about "this gives you cancer, that will prevent cancer, this will make cancer worse" - FFS if we tried to obey everything they said we'd never eat ANYTHING! A report last week said that stress can help reduce the risk of breast cancer - so what are we supposed to do, go out and pile the stress on???

So many things nowadays can supposedly give you cancer - life's too short! Don't spend it worrying that if you eat cheese wrapped in cling film you will get cancer?!?!?! Just try to prevent it happening by not smoking, not eating the wrong foods, getting good sleep, and plenty of exercise and fruit and veg! I'm sure as hell not gonna stop eating red meat, nor any other food I enjoy - just eat it in MODERATION. Too much of anything is bad for you, t's common sense FFS!