11 June, 2005

Jamies Weekly Happy Rant

I thought as I hadn't had real rant this week. I thought I would have a happy rant today as this week has just flown by and has had something in it that has made me stop to think, what the hell is going on in this country? Come to think of it, the bloody world has gone stark raving mad hasn't it? For once we have had people standing up to there own governments and saying this is what we want. We don't want bureaucrats making decisions they know nothing about. By voting no they made a clear statement. That was one of the things that for me made a refreshing change. Then there was the thing about pay as you go motoring. It seems they want to raise more money. So if people want to use their cars, they are going to have to pay for the privalige. Hey, haven't the government heard? We buy this liquid its called petrol and it runs all cars and it is two thirds taxed. It is why petrol is so bloody dear. What more is there to say? Oh I've got it. Its a stealth tax. nothing new there then. Then there was Blair doing a slow three point turn by saying Labour wont be giving the people a vote on the referendum, not just yet anyway. Blair is quite fond of doing u turns isn't he? Then there was the crisis fun run a great success. Which I was lucky enough to attend. It was a night of people smiling broadly. The party afterwards saw a jazz band play the night away. People danced and enjoyed the night.
Sponsor me next year and I will run.
Today, was a day when I just couldn't do a thing right. First i missed my bus and was late for a meeting. Then in the meeting. I spilled my coffee all over a brand new suit someone was wearing at the time. Then when I finally got home things just got worse. I think God was looking down on me and said to his mates lets have a laugh and just to top my day off my bed collapsed. leaving me sleeping on a matress on the floor. So the now the day is finally over I'm wondering what's in store for me tomorrow. I'd like to hear from anyone who has had a day like mine.


Rod said...

I was scared and deeply stressed with anxiety when pressures throw me into homelessness. Since it has been a battle for me to win over. But now I am somehow glad to have become one of what I will call the new emerging SOCIETEY the homelessans...

Homelessness like all poverty's stigmats has become an industry-money making operation for those with capitals at the expense of the needy.

To understand it, you must submerge yourself into it, otherwise it look so shiny on the outside. If you look at how the government scavenge on the poor to make money, look at the 'Multiplyer Effect'. When they give £1.00 for helping one person, via ways and means of subsidies, they're getting that same £1.00 multiplied by seven.

lifestyles said...

Seeking counsel from elders seems to be a lost advantage. Experience usually translated into lessons learned that may contain pearls of wisdom that could have benefited the lost or struggling. Having survived my share of crises, I am using technology to share a thought or two. The main lesson is to never stop learning. Reading and seeking other points of view like visiting your blog is one way. Finding what is ultimately important leads one to appreciate actuality, efficiency and mindfulness. Helping others to see some of the forest through the trees is a benefit of age and maturity. happy thoughts