20 June, 2005

Just Another Normal Week In Britain

Last week was an okay week or should I say a normal week? You had the prime minister dealing with our euro rebate, by the way I think we'll lose it. It has always been a mystery to me why we pay all this money to get hardly anything back. It's just like paying for membership of an exclusive gentleman's club. What a price to pay though. Then you had my problem with the crack house in the flat upstairs. The problem has been cured now thank God. Now you've got Kenneth Clarke wanting to be prime minister and me of course. Who wouldn't want to go down in history for being a prime minister? Once again we have the running saga of cannabis smoking and it's effects. Does it cause mental health problems or not? It's called dope by some people. Because that's what happens to you when you smoke it. You become dopey, lethargic, not wanting to move or do anything. Plus you get what's called the munchies. That's when you eat anything that's put in front of you, non stop eating I might add. The argument that it make you think more clearly is still being strongly debated. I strongly believe that all drugs are harmful taken over a prolonged period this includes drugs that are prescribed by doctors. As we are now finding out about ibuprofin. Personally if I want to eat until I'm full I will. If I want to do nothing but sleep I can and will without the help of any drug. But mostly if I want to expand my thinking, I don't need any harmful drug to do it for me. I will read, sit and listen to people and form my own opinions, after all this isn't this how we are supposed to learn and think for ourselves. Not by smoking some drug and going I've got it. The meaning of life it's to smoke more.
Still no mention of doing anything positive for the homeless or anything on affordable rents. I just keep on wondering why? Aren't people that are on the breadline important enough? These are important issues and believe it or over fifty percent of people who are homeless or about to became homeless are on the edge of poverty. Does the government want to leave it until the situation has become critical just like all previous governments?
I wonder what next week will bring. Will it be just another normal week, where the population just grows another week older or will it be the week that defined a government? A week that will definitely be remembered?

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Gixer77 said...

You never see an A&E waiting room on a Fri/Sat night full of stoners do you? They are all just vegging out at home with piles of muffins and some music on. Nooo, A&Es are full of pissed-up violent tossers who abuse the doctors and anyone around them. But hey the Govt don't mind cos they are getting shitloads of tax from booze! Screw the consequences or the cost to the Health Service.