12 June, 2005

A Political Thought

I was thinking about politics this afternoon and was trying to work out why people felt it important to have politicians? As they never seem to listen or learn anything. So I looked up the word politics in the dictionary. Which gave several meaning. One was the science of governing especially the governing of an entity, namely us the people or as it is put in the dictionary, a nation. I've never thought of myself as an entity before, but there's a first time for everything. It still didn't answer the question on why do we need politicians? Every five years we seem to have an election and we elect a load of people. Who gave the right kind of speech to get themselves elected, but do they know enough about there own country to do it justice? Or are they out to make a name for themselves? For example I can sit here and write the greatest speech you have ever read but it doesn't mean that I am in touch with what I was writing about. It could just mean I know a little and being a former homeless person and addict many people think I wouldn't know that much but believe me when I say I don't. I am just trying to make sense of the way things work in government. I just want the my own simplified version. You know the one that doesn't use big words. Everyone has the right to an opinion and Personally I think the most important thing about politics, is the people because they are the ones for whom all the laws and legislation are made. It's only by the people electing someone to office that we give them the permission to study the science of government and believe me that's what they do. Government has to be one of those subjects, as with life you never stop learning. So when some politician sticks his nose in the air at me. I came smile and say it's because of people like me that you are where you are. That can be remedied in the next election. That's politics

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