17 June, 2005

Who Wants To Be The Conservative Leader

Things are now back to normal and now I have been able to read my newspapers and watch some TV in peace.
Well, it seems like the Conservatives are in a right old pickle. I've been wondering what being a Tory means.
Does it mean that being Conservative the welfare of the poor takes second place to the well off? Does it mean that to get new systems running in this country vital services have to be reduce? Because that's what the penny pinching Conservative government did. They cut spending in the private sector and the mess we are in now is because of them.
Does being conservative mean forgetting about homelessness? Am I angry? Of course I am if the right funding had been in place. Many people would have kicked drugs a long time ago. If the right funding had been given then the homeless figures would not have been so bad. If spending the money on the right things had been done then. We wouldn't have the problems we have now. What makes me so angry is that when the Conservatives were in power benefits where in fact kept at below inflation for one simple reason to force people in to low paid work. The Thatcher era was an era of the rich getting richer. Maggie Thatcher once said we will have nation full of working people. What she didn't say was how.
How can you make this country feel good about it self again? How can you put the pride back in Britain? After it has had its heart ripped out?
Here's a thought Mr Blair, give more to those that really need it like the pensioners. How dare we charge old people who are in the last stage of their lives to live in old peoples homes. That should be free. Some of these old people have worked all their life and saved for their retirement and they are entitled spend the remainder of their days in a little comfort and instead of coming up with new deals do something more positive. Get the councils to stop employing outside over priced contractors. Use the work force we have signing on at unemployment offices. There has to be something better than receiving a giro every fortnight. Which by the way does even last a fortnight. I'm not talking about those people who use it all in one day. I'm talking about those families that really do find it hard to manage I am talking about those single people who every day catch the bus to look for work. I'm talking about those homeless people who would love to go to work. I was thinking should I put my own name in the Conservative hat. I want become their leader. I can't be any worse than the people they have entering the leadership race. I believe I can make promises I can't keep as well, maybe even better than them.

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