09 June, 2005

Law and order

When it comes to making laws this government are dab hands at it. They either change a law to suit whatever problem arises or make one. Controversial legislation for the racial and religious
bill. Which Charles Clarke intends to introduce will carry a seven year jail sentence. It only extends current legislation which is already in place. Does this really block anyone speaking freely on religion. Mr Clarke is adamant that criticism, jokes and satire will be allowed. he says there is no other way of stopping incitement of religious hatred. Many people fear that religious freedom will suffer.
Has Mr Clarke forgotten that there are many homeless people who are victimized because they believe in a religion. What measures has he taken to protect their rights. Being homeless you are more likely to be abused, spat upon or physically assaulted and if you are religious then it is even more likely. Intimidation has always been a weapon of the anti social bully and I feel that if you are homeless it is always better to keep religion out of ear shot. But the funny thing about the abuse one receives on the street for being religious is the abusers are nearly always religious them selves they just don't have faith.

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