06 June, 2005

A Pub Conversation Stealth Taxes

I do not drive a car, but I sympathise with the one million plus car owners that feel they are being targeted by a government that needs to think up ways of taxing them.
We now have a plan that will I think bring all car owners out of their shells to say enough is enough.
How can this government expect the motoring minority to pay for the majority?
We have tax on petrol We already have a road tax. Plus anything they have repaired or extras added to the cars we pay VAT. What more do the government want? Blood maybe? Is this just another way of getting more money out of the motorist? Lets look at things in a sensible way. We do not have a reliable rail network that meets our needs. I mean the railways charge a fortune for what? So that they can make all these reports and have a census on how many passengers they might be able to carry and to fix the railways long term by the way, but never do anything substantial about it. Only charge us a arm and a leg. They tell us it will be a least ten years to get the railway up and running to a somewhat average performance.
We had one of the best roads systems in this country. Then we elected a Conservative government who decided cut backs where a more prudent way of saving this country millions. Our NHS has suffered severely. Our railway system has all but crashed and our road infrastructure is in a state of disrepair. Now we have a government that wants to charge us more money to do the repairs that should have already been done. So the excuses they now use are, there are more cars using the roads. We need to find a ways of making less congestion. Not that last government did a piss poor job.
This present government have had eight years to sort things out. The NHS is having money poured into it but it is still badly off. Housing ie; affordable rents and a cure for homelessness is not being tackle just yet. Now it seems the more important things are roads and first time house buyers. Are we are going to get pilot scheme's on this pay as you go road trips? Is it an unfair stealth tax? I think so and I don't even own a bloody car. When will these stealth taxes stop? Someone said what do the f--king hell do you know about it? I said not a lot mate, I'm only a poor voter. Isn't it Funny what you talk about in a pub. I just thought this glass of orange has been taxed as well. Is nothing sacred?

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