10 June, 2005


Last night in the city of London the annual crisis fun run took place. Now if you gave me an interview last night I must apologise. I mislaid my note pad and well I am now working from memory. Which to tell the truth is woefully not in the best of condition. But besides that last night was a night where for once there was fun had by all. Over eighteen hundred runner so I've been told. A record number for the run. Most runner said after the race. I'm knackered. But besides that they all said it was a worth while cause to run for.
It does seems strange that when we read and hear about so much violence and hatred in this country. You'd think that running for charity would be the last thing on anyone's mind.
Then ordinary people in their thousands turn out for an event like the crisis fun run. Just to prove that its only the senseless few that seem to make the news. All I can say to all those that ran last night and volunteered. It is because of what you do I was given the chance to go to college and that I am here writing about you. Thank you. I hope to see all of you again next year.

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