03 June, 2005


The day to day routines of living a hostel can be a lonely life. You might think this strange,when some hostels have forty to fifty people living there. If you go back to the late sixties and to the end of the seventies when most hostels used to be dormitories and you had no choice but to get on with people. This then became the playground of the bullies. Who victimized the weakest. Although there where rules.You still had bullies.Like the bullies of the school playground they snuck about in their little gangs, beat up and robbed the weakest people they could find. On their pay-days or whenever they had something they wanted. Plus theft from the dormitories was an everyday occurrence. Hostel bosses decided to have double and single rooms. After awhile doubles where few and far between. Although some hostels still have them today. Hostels today are nearly all single rooms. Living in a single room can become a very lonely life especially when you're trying to rebuild your life. You may think it very stupid of someone to shut themselves off from the world for weeks at a time, but this is what people with problems do. They lock themselves away rather than face their problems head on and they become so used to being reclusive it becomes a part of their lives.
Hostels today do try to change this, but it is so hard to break people out of something they have become comfortable with. I've heard stories from residents about how their hostel does nothing and I've also heard about hostels that do a great deal to help. I hope that in the next couple of months to publish some of the stories from all over the country. If you have any stories to tell me. Please send them to me at www.poetmccoy@hotmail.com. Who knows by telling me and me writing about it. Things might start to change for the better.
This what I say.

You can give people all the support they need in certain fields, but if you don't give them the right tools which empowers them to act for themselves. You can only unlock half their potentional. To help re-educate and train someone who has been homeless or lost in our society through drugs,going into prison, mental health problems or alcohol. Can only benefit themselves, their families and society itself. By doing this now. It can save society in the long run millions of pounds in benefits. It can also be used as a template for these people to use the skills they have learned to help other people in the same position. This is the way I see our society benefiting from any funding given now, because I do not see any decrease in the number of people needing help. I believe we will see a rise in single homeless people that need help. The thought that it won't be you would be an absurd assumption, because it could be you in a few years. I hope not, but it is a fact that not all single homeless people come from deprived areas of Britain. That all homeless people have never had a real job.Some have been bankers,newspaper reporters, bussiness men with their own companies. Some have been in top jobs. We have a large number of talented people who through no fault of their own are ending up homeless with problems no one foresore. Homeless people come from all walks and they are all some bodies sons and daughters. Should we help them? The answer is simply yes. This is what I say and think.

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