06 June, 2005

Former council property sold for staggering sum

A former council house in Primrose hill was sold for just under seven hundred thousand pounds. I can understand someone selling for that amount of money. I certainly would not refuse it, but it's no wonder that there is a shortage of council housing. They have been sold off and not replaced. When the right to buy came into effect I thought the councils where supposed to invest in more housing? Not waste it as most councils have done. Where has all the money gone? We certainly know we have a housing shortage now. I don't suppose we can cry over spilled milk but why not? Don't we have the right to ask any council or government how our money is being spent. All they send us is a letter on what the immediate expenses are. They give us an estimated budget for the next year, but they never say well this year we spent two and half million on whatever and we got it wrong. My question is why? I would trust someone more if I was told the truth wouldn't you?

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