03 June, 2005


Will Tony Blair give us the vote on the EU constitution anyway. Will it be worth it as the Dutch have overwhelming voted against it. As I understand it ratifying the EU constitution is now dead in the water as all 25 members have to agree. What I think is that people want their own countries to have their own government. They want to be able to govern themselves on law and order. They want to be free from trade constraints. The biggest question to ask I think is did the people of these countries vote against their own governments and their policies or was it that they believe that a large united European community is not a healthy prospect for their countries? Now it is the turn of Luxemburg currently holding the presidency of the EU to say that the ratifying the EU constitution will go ahead. I personally don't see the point as all countries have to agree and to make changes to the constitution now is like sticking a small plaster on a large open wound. We shall see what transpires over the next few weeks.

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