30 June, 2005

Ken Livingston

I was watching the ITV debate show last night with Ken Livingston answering the publics questions. One comment that was made by ken was that there are more police officers on the beat now than there had ever been. When one woman said she had not see any increase in police presence in her area of harringay. I have to agree with her.
Ken began to explain how things where in other areas of London and then added if you have not seen an increase of police in your area it will becoming soon. Now that comment made me so angry. I just thought as we pay councils around £1500 a year on average.Why we don't see any improvement in the police force in fact if you go to a police station today you have to sit and wait in reception area to report a crime which takes forever. If you are robbed or burgled it can take two hours or more for them to respond and that's speaking from experince as i have had three break ins at my home. To replace our police on the beat we have street wardens. Governments can not say this is not a major catastrophe because this affects all people. If we haven't got a police force that can do its job properly, then we can't really have a rule of law can we? If we had a perfect society we wouldn't need to have laws but since the dawn of man there has always been thieves, murders, conmen, rapists and greedy people and there will always be. But don't worry as Ken says coming to your area soon is a visible deterrent. Just like in the movies. Sorry Ken, but it just doesn't work for me. Not when we should have it in the first place. Isn't this what a large part of what we pay in council tax goes towards paying?

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Gixer77 said...

I never see bobbies out on the beat anymore, it's such a shame. And even if they WERE out on the beat they'd be powerless...they can't give a naughty kid a clip round the ear else they'd get sued, they can't shout at them or tell them off else they get accused of causing "emotional distress", they can't restrain a violent person else they will get sued/accused of groping them, they can't even speak to a female or she will accuse them of gangbanging her....exactly how area they meant to keep the law if they are prevented from enforcing it because they can't touch anyone??? Instead they stay hidden behind their desks pushing paper around and draining our taxes on useless bureacracy, meanwhile somewhere in London someone else gets mugged...